My Own Version of English Cucumber Sandwiches

June 30, 2010

This is a snack that I made during one of my vegetarian days. I know its just a simple sandwich, but I did try having it with, and without vinegar and the one with the cucumber soaked in vinegar just taste so much different. Here is the recipe.


1. Half an English cucumber. This MUST be english cucumber, we don’t want to be using chicken rice local cucumber.
2. Cream cheese. I use the lightsmiling  moo cow brand one.

3. Bread. Any sandwich bread will do.
4. Soft butter.
5. White vinegar (Preferably white wine vinegar, but I used normal white vinegar since I do not have white wine)


1. After washing the english cucumber, slice it into roud shapes very very thinly.
2. In a plate, splatter some salt across the sliced cucumber. After about one minute, all the juices should have started to come out of the cucumber. Grab a bunch of cucumber in your hand and squeeze it dry. The cucumber should now look slightly transluscent. The reason we do this is so that the vinegar can absorb easier into the cucumber since there are less liquid now.
3. On the same, dry plate, sprinkle (not sure if this is the right word!) some vinegar over the cucumber to make sure that each and everyone of them are covered with vinegar. Soak for one hour.
4. Squeeze the cucumber dry again after one hour. And then pat the cucumber dry with kitchen paper.
5. Cut the skin off the bread and apply butter to both the inside area of the bread. Then continue to apply cream cheese as a second layer.
6. Arrange the cucumber neatly on the bread on one side. Two layers will do. Too many will make the sandwich very hard to handle when eating. Cover with the other half of the sandwich.
7. Enjoy this sandwich with english tea!