Home Is Where the Fried Rice Is!

June 13, 2010

After cooking the mushrooms with chicken that day, I still had some button mushrooms left, some spring onions from something else that I cooked, and some leftover rice. So what better than to cook fried rice! Fried rice and fried beehoon are two of my favourite meal for one. Even though I am normally a small eater, for some reason if you put a plate of very nice fried beehoon or fried rice in front of me, I gobble up more than the portions that I normally eat. For me, fried rice is a dish where you can throw in whatever you want but when I make fried rice, the must have’s are eggs and shallots. Somehow, I find that the rice is not so aromatic if you just put in garlic instead of shallots. The rest are freestyle! Here goes the recipe.

Ingredients (Serves 1):

Half a chinese sausage, cut into tiny bits
2 eggs
1 bowl of rice
1 handful of spring onions
3 shallots
6 button mushrooms (large), cut into thin slices


Mix the following ingredients in a bowl:

2 teaspoons of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
Half teaspoon of sugar


1. Heat about 1 tablespoon of oil in the wok. Pour the beaten eggs in and fry till eggs are like cooked scrambled eggs.
2. Dish the eggs out and heat another tablespoon of oil in the wok.
3. Put in shallots and chinese sausage and fry till shallots are slightly brown.
4. Add in button mushrooms and continue frying till mushrooms are slightly browned.
5. Add in rice and seasonings. At this stage, you will need to keep frying the rice so that it does not stick to the wok. Fry it for a good 5 minutes so that the rice is totally dry and fragrant.
6. Add in spring onions. I like the spring onions slightly cooked so I fry it for 30 seconds or so.
7. Add in the eggs.
8. Dish it out and garnish with more spring onions!


Chicken and Mushroom Stew

June 8, 2010

I still have a portion of the chicken that I bought last week (the last pack!). So I thought of cooking the chicken and mushroom stew. Its a very typical chinese dish but a very heartwarming dish I would say. Its so nice to pour the sauce of this dish and eat it with rice! Yummy! And come to think of it, the ingredients is quite similar to the claypot chicken rice, except for the chinese sausages!

Chicken with Mushroom Stew

Ingredients (Serves 2):

250g Chicken parts
6 button mushrooms (large), cut into half
4 shitake mushrooms, cut into half
6 shallots whole


2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon dark soya sauce
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup water
2 tablespoons shaoxing wine
4 sprinkles of rice wine
2 teaspoons of corn flour mixed with water


1. Add hot water to chicken parts. This is to make sure that the dirt from the chicken parts are washed away. After 1 minute soaked in hot water, wash it with cold water.
2. In a pot, heat up 1 tablespoon of oil. Add in shitake mushrooms, shallots and fry for about one minute till fragrant.
3. Add in chicken parts. Fry till chicken is brown.
4. Add in button mushrooms.
5. Add in the oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce, shaoxing wine and rice wine. This depends on individual taste. If you think that you want it to be more salty or sweet, by all means add more sugar or soy sauce.
6. Add in the one cup of water.
7. Boil for 20 minutes, or until reduced. Then add in corn flour mixture to thicken the sauce.

Claypot (Or more of a Rice Cooker) Chicken Rice

June 5, 2010

I bought one kampung chicken from Tekka Market last week, and I still have 2 quarters of the chicken left. So I was thinking what I could do with it. I always prefer eating kampung chicken compared to the normal ones, although it is slightly more expensive, but the texture of the meat is tender and not too soft, which is what I like.

So I was looking in my fridge to see what I got, which is how I got the idea of cooking claypot chicken rice, but in a rice cooker. It is easier with a rice cooker because you don’t actually have to look at the rice every single minute. Just leave that job to the rice cooker. And it cooks faster too! The only thing about the pictures in this post is, I forgot to take the picture after it is cooked! (Bummer!) But it looks quite similar to the picture below)

Rice (Right after frying)

Rice (After adding water)

Recipe for Claypot Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Style)

Ingredients (Serves 2 small servings):

Half an onion (I use red onions)
3 cloves of garlic
1 cup of rice
5 Dried shitake mushrooms
250g chicken (any chicken parts will do) – Marinated with soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice wine and chinese shaoxing wine, dark soya sauce
1 chinese sausage, cut into slices
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon dark soya sauce
1 teaspoon rice wine
1 tablespoon shaoxing wine


1. Depending on the rice that you are using, wash the rice and soak for half an hour. The rice that I am using is the Japanese rice, and it definitely needs to be soaked first. But I find that soaking the rice really makes it more soft and fluffy when it is cooked. Leave aside to soak while you prepare other ingredients.

2. Marinate chicken with the sauces for 10 minutes. I marinate it with the mushrooms (pre soaked in water) but this is personal preference. You can put the mushrooms in later after cooking also.

3. Cut onion and garlic finely.

4. Heat oil in a wok or pan, the put in onion and garlic. Fry till soft.

5. Add in the chicken pieces and mushrooms together with marinate. After the chicken has been slightly browned, add in the additional sauces (oyster sauce, dark soy, sugar) and drizzle the rice wine and shaoxing wine from the side of the wok.

6. After chicken is about 3/4 cooked, pour away the water that is soaking the rice, and add the rice to the wok.

7. Fry the rice with the chicken for about 5 minutes till the rice is slightly brown in colour. You can add in more dark soy at this stage if you want to.

8. Add the fried raw rice into the rice cooker with all the ingredients.

9. Add adequate water. This varies depending on the rice you use. In this case, for my japanese rice, it is one cup of rice for one cup of water. But make sure the water covers the rice.

10. Cook as how you would cook normal rice. 

11. Nice rice cooker chicken rice coming up!

Smoked Duck with White Turnip Soup

March 22, 2010

I had a movie and dinner session at my place last week and one of the dishes were smoked duck. I bought the whole smoked duck because it was pretty cheap but ended up having about half a duck left after the dinner!

Since I haven’t had chinese soup at home for a while, I thought of cooking the smoked duck with ‘kai choy’. But then, I could only find very old and saggy ‘kai choy’ at the cold storage so I decided to use turnip instead. It turned out nice too, and a refreshing change to my usual soups!

Here are the ingredients:

1. A quarter of smoked duck (or more depending on how much you have leftover)

2. 1 white turnip

3. 6 dried red dates

4. Peppercorns

Cooking instructions:

1. Soak the smoked duck for about 1 minute with boiling hot water. This will get rid of some (just some) fats from the duck and the soup will not be so cloudy. It also reduces the salt content a bit from the smoked duck.

2. Cut the turnip into big chunks. Since this is soup the size of the chunk does not really matter.

3. Wash the red dates under running tap water.

4. Combine peppercorns, smoked duck, red dates and turnip in a pot. Add enough water to cover the ingredients and a bit more.

5. Bring the soup to boil. And after the soup has started boiling, leave it boiling for about 8 minutes before turning the fire down. Boil with small fire for 2 hours.

6. During the boiling process, you can start scooping out the layer of oil that surfaces on the soup.

7. Serve with some spring onions on top!