Vegetarian Fried Beehoon (Spicy and Non-Spicy Version)

As I have mentioned before, apart from fried rice, fried beehoon is also one of my favourite one person dish. When I was doing some marketing at Tekka Market that day, I saw some really nice Tau Kua (Fried Tofu) and also Kai Lan. So I thought I will make fried beehoon with those two things. But since the Kai Lan came in such a huge bunch and I also bought 2 Tau Kua, I thought of making 2 different types of fried beehoon. Enjoy!

Normal Fried Beehoon


1. Beehoon. I use the beehoon that a friend gave to me from Taiwan. Its called Shin Tzu Beehoon. It comes in the size like a maggi mee block. So if you are using other beehoon you can just use a handful of beehoon. Soak it in water.
2. 3 shallots sliced thinly.
3. Kai Lan. 2 big branches. Sliced into 1 inch portions.
4. Tau Kua. 1 piece. Cut into 1 inch portions.


1. 3 tablespoons soya sauce
2. 1 teaspoon sugar
(You can add oyster sauce if it is not a vegetarian version).


1. Heat some oil in the wok. When the oil is really hot, drop the tau kua in and fry till golden brown. You may want to use the kitchen towel to dry the tau kua first since water and oil don’t exactly mix.
2. Take the tau kua out and put it on a piece of kitchen paper so that the oil will be absorbed.
3. With the remaining oil, put in the shallots. Fry till slightly brown.
4. Add in the stems of the kai lan, so that it will cook first. After frying for about 1 minute, add in the tau kua and the kai lan.
5. Mix the seasonings with about 6 tablespoons of water. Then pour into the wok.
6. Let the water dry up and until you can see that the beehoon is really dry. Some beehoon maybe a but harder so you may need more water. Do not worry if you have put too much water, because you can always let it dry up.
7. Time to serve!

Spicy Fried Beehoon (Or Mee Siam)

For this version, the seasoning is slightly different. Instead of the soya sauce, pound the following ingredients and add it in instead of the shallots in the previous recipe.

To be pounded:

1. 2 red chillies, deseeded.
2. 4 shallots.
3. 2 garlic.
4. a pinch of salt.

After pounding, incorporate the soy bean (or taucu) so that it still appears as a whole instead of being crushed. You can always add more of these as you fry if you prefer a more salty beehoon.


3 Responses to Vegetarian Fried Beehoon (Spicy and Non-Spicy Version)

  1. panya says:

    Although I am not a fan of vegetarian food..but this dish do make me want to try….

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