Smoked Duck with White Turnip Soup

I had a movie and dinner session at my place last week and one of the dishes were smoked duck. I bought the whole smoked duck because it was pretty cheap but ended up having about half a duck left after the dinner!

Since I haven’t had chinese soup at home for a while, I thought of cooking the smoked duck with ‘kai choy’. But then, I could only find very old and saggy ‘kai choy’ at the cold storage so I decided to use turnip instead. It turned out nice too, and a refreshing change to my usual soups!

Here are the ingredients:

1. A quarter of smoked duck (or more depending on how much you have leftover)

2. 1 white turnip

3. 6 dried red dates

4. Peppercorns

Cooking instructions:

1. Soak the smoked duck for about 1 minute with boiling hot water. This will get rid of some (just some) fats from the duck and the soup will not be so cloudy. It also reduces the salt content a bit from the smoked duck.

2. Cut the turnip into big chunks. Since this is soup the size of the chunk does not really matter.

3. Wash the red dates under running tap water.

4. Combine peppercorns, smoked duck, red dates and turnip in a pot. Add enough water to cover the ingredients and a bit more.

5. Bring the soup to boil. And after the soup has started boiling, leave it boiling for about 8 minutes before turning the fire down. Boil with small fire for 2 hours.

6. During the boiling process, you can start scooping out the layer of oil that surfaces on the soup.

7. Serve with some spring onions on top!


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